Zero Tolerance Game

Cheat Codes for Zero Tolerance Sega: Unveiling the Secrets

Are you a fan of the classic game Zero Tolerance on Sega Genesis? Do you wish you could have an edge against the aliens and uncover hidden treasures throughout the game? Look no further! In this article, we will explore some unique cheat codes that will enhance your gaming experience and help you uncover the secrets within Zero Tolerance.

A Brief Introduction to Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance, released in 1994 for the Sega Genesis console, is a first-person shooter game set in space. Players assume the role of a security officer on a spaceship who must eliminate waves of hostile alien creatures. The game’s immersive environment and challenging battles have captivated gamers for years.

The Power of Cheat Codes

Cheat codes have been an integral part of gaming culture since the early days of video games. They offer players the opportunity to alter gameplay mechanics, gain extra lives, or access hidden features. The allure of cheat codes lies in the sense of empowerment they provide, delivering advantages that would otherwise be unattainable through regular gameplay.


Cheat Codes for Zero Tolerance

Stage One

The space station Europa 1, defending the planet from orbit and the rear, is captured by a hostile civilization. The majority of the crew heroically died defending the station, the rest, flattered, it seems, by the alien tugriks, surrendered to the enemy.

1. All alone, but in a group of five commandos, you must clear all the floors of the station of alien invaders. There are no friends here, only enemies, so it makes sense to hit everything that moves.
2. At first we advise to choose a girl, as she shoots better than the others, and is dressed in weather (in a bulletproof vest).
3. At the top of the screen there are five windows. In the central one you can see what you have in your hands now. In the others – what is in stock. With the “C” button you can move the contents of the squares. Below the boxes with items is a long and narrow window to view the outside world. Here you can see your surroundings and, of course, your enemies.

Below that are your limbs (in particular your arms or weapons). The number to the right of the overview screen shows the number of unkilled enemies on the floor. 99 enemies usually means there are more, just the number doesn’t fit. In the lower left corner is the message screen. It is easy to recognize the map, which shows your location and (if you have a bioscanner) the location of the enemies. The whole map can be viewed by pressing the “START” button.

4. We are about to be attacked by humanoid guards. They are human traitors and aliens. They have weapons. If looting is your way of life or you just like to live longer and more interesting lives, take the weapons from the dead. The task is as follows: survive, kill all the enemies, get to the level “Reactor Level 2”, where the boss of this horde of flying aliens is registered. He’s wearing a large spacesuit, with a gun instead of a hand.

It is recommended to kill the boss in the following way: shoot continuously with the most powerful weapon. You’ll need to have a bulletproof vest or at least a full supply of energy.

The second stage

You have no time to take off what was called a bulletproof vest before and is now just a rag with holes, as you are sent to a new task.
Turns out that while you were out walking around Europe 1, some nasty enemies took over the Planet Defense Corps building. And now, as it should be, no one will give you a paycheck, so you’ll have to clear the premises of the aliens.

1. An unknown well-wisher has warned you that the building’s security system is on and fully activated and you will be considered a trespasser with all the trouble that comes with it. In the form of: robots with guns, a sniper on the roof of the skyscraper, and video cameras. If you approach a video camera, it beeps several times and then screams like a dumbbell. At the call all the surrounding enemies come running. The camcorder can be destroyed if you jump up and shoot.

2. On some floors of the building there are fires. If you are going to have a dance on the coals, you have to have enough energy, because even a bulletproof vest will not save you from the fire. The fires must be put out with the fire extinguisher that was definitely dropped nearby by the previous liberator of mankind.

3. The enemies multiply. Begin to meet the red dog-like. They do not shoot, but only strive to grab the throat. Then there are green creatures with a red mane. They do not bite, but are deft with weapons. And again, there are men in uniform, guarding the building. Warning. Most of the bipeds in this mission know how to open doors.

4. 15 floors clear, go to kill the boss. The room in which he is located consists of many rooms. Special features of the boss: has a short scaly tail; very vicious creature that wants to live, but does not let you.

Stage Three

The aliens have taken refuge in the basement floors of the Planet Defense Corps building. The basement levels are very confusing and resemble huge mazes. Save your weapons and energy, as everything is in short supply here. You will have an unpleasant encounter with a caterpillar that walks on its hind legs. In addition to these maggots, you’ll meet some familiar spiders, as well as red doggies, green aliens, and humanoid-like humanoids. Sometimes the number of opponents will be over 99, so you need to hurry up, or you won’t make it home in time for dinner.

When you get to level 12, you will see that there are a little bit more than fifty enemies. Among them is the boss. Take a look at the map. Do you see a clear space? That’s where the bastard lives. It is not necessary to kill all of them, it is enough to deal with the boss. A little bit like the robot from the movie “Robocop”, he will try to grab you with three-toed claws, but if you are shooting continuously, then he really can’t do anything to you.

Zero Tolerance codes and passwords

Level Passwords

Level 1

  • Docking level 2 JnL8*NKmg
  • Bridge level 1 DDq8*tLng
  • Engineering level 1 dFrduvOng
  • Engineering level 2 PD6*-vJm?
  • Engineering level 3 Tr-dsvMkW
  • Engineering level 4 TL3*-vPvT
  • Green House level 1 WFb*uvPv7
  • Green House level 2 cL6duvLuV
  • Green House level 3 DFr*-vKgh
  • Bridge level 2 bjpbvtKFx
  • Reactor level 1 PFr**vKrh
  • Reactor level 2 HHa8-vPqj

Level 2

  • High Rise Rooftop OPbb*/OrQ
  • High Rise Floor 164 a5Kzu-?nj
  • High Rise Floor 163 bDiU/oxo!
  • High Rise Floor 162 WzhUpoxuj
  • High Rise Floor 161 GDhX*Pxvt
  • High Rise Floor 160 ?rp7CrHv7
  • High Rise Floor 159 TL)yvC?vX
  • High Rise Floor 158 WrJyvC?v7
  • High Rise Floor 157 XHtztqj!z
  • High Rise Floor 156 bnpUvsHoj
  • High Rise Floor 155 T?rzss?pB
  • High Rise Floor 154 O!x5C-HpB
  • High Rise Floor 153 WLDU-CxgH
  • High Rise Floor 152 avhU-CxqQ
  • High Rise Floor 151 TPB7s3xoU

Level 3

  • Sub Basement level 1 MX?Q*wDi8
  • Sub Basement level 2 Yn?9k3Ktq
  • Sub Basement level 3 ?D)97qPs?
  • Sub Basement level 4 GiY/!oMkg
  • Sub Basement level 5 eU)9n2JnB
  • Sub Basement level 6 Y*6d4cJnQ
  • Sub Basement level 7 SXJ*n2P!V
  • Sub Basement level 8 G8b/7pO!Q
  • Sub Basement level 9 MdU*58?mQ
  • Sub Basement level 10 ?rA*nZOr!
  • Sub Basement level 11 KbR*hZPqN
  • Sub Basement level 12 O*TbF2Khj

Secret Levels

  • Highrise!
  • Basement!
  • Boxing!!!

Game Genie Codes

1. AAFT-CABY Infinite Ammo
2. REJA-C61W Ammo is fully regenerated-just take it once.
3. A39A-LA7E All levels cleared.
4. AMNA-AA5E Immortality
5. AAHA-CAG6 No damage to body armor
6. TAHA-CAG6 Armor damage 1/2 less
7. AAHA-CEG6 Armor damaged 2 times more
8. AAGT-CAHT Bioscanner works all the time (if available)
9. AAGT-CEHT Bioscanner works half as long
10. TAGT-CAHT Bioscanner works 2 times longer

Zero Tolerance secrets

1. If you leave one unkilled monster on the level, go up to the other floors and collect weapons there, and then return and kill that monster, when you pass the zone and write down the password, reset the game and start it with that password. You will retain all the weapons you have collected, which can be used on unpassed zones.
2. If you have a flamethrower or a machine gun with a laser sight, select one of these weapons. Now hold down button B and, without releasing it, switch to the adjacent weapon with button C. You will shoot with the same weapon, and the ammo will be spent at the neighboring weapon.
3. While you do not see the enemies, they do not see you. You can, without turning your back to the enemy, approach him, and as long as you do not turn to face him, he will not attack.

Tips for making it through Beyond Zero Tolerance

1. Try to find the bioscanner as soon as possible, which will allow you to see an image of the object on the radar screen before it appears in front of you, allowing you to get a better position for shooting.
2. The monster wants to live too, and he’s not going to run into your bullet at all. So if he’s standing around the corner and doesn’t want to come out, spend a deceptive maneuver – slightly move out from behind the corner and hide right away. Keep in mind that the monster will hit you, even if you took a position where you do not see him.
3. don’t try to walk around the whole map – if you get to the elevator (the room behind the two doors, painted in red), move to the next floor. Believe me, there are just as many bad things there.
4. Try to determine the distance at which your weapon is able to hit the monsters, and try to shoot first.
5. Remember where the first aid kits are, and don’t hesitate to go back to them.
6. When switching weapons, move weapon windows from right to left.

Beyond Zero Tolerance secret codes

Immortality: on pause, press B, C, A, LEFT, RIGHT to enable/disable CHEATMODE.
Game stats: Pause+A+B+C

Glitches in Beyond Zero Tolerance

1. On episodes 2 and 3, if you shoot the elevator or the wall next to it, the robots will appear buggy.
2. If you pass the first episode and go back to the first floor, you can find two robots in the elevator (on the map on the top left). Sometimes they appear at the beginning of the game.
3. if you walk along the wall on the last level of the first episode, you can fall in (the player will twist and fall, with a white background in front of him).
4. an interesting feature of the game, which explains the appearance of the walls behind the map on the last level. If you uncheck “Resize the editor to match level size” in ZTEdit 3.0, for example, on the last two maps, you can find a solid black section. It usually repeats the left side of the map. Hence the “mysterious” elevator.
6. On the third episode there is a grenade launcher (in ZTEdit 3.0 under number 31). If you take it, you will see purple horizontal bars on the screen.
7. In the second stage of the game you can observe a delayed loading textures on the walls (detected on the emulator).
8. on one of the first floors of the first stage there is a wall with red robots, which in no way want to come out at the sound of the shots.

These cheat codes are just a taste of what Zero Tolerance has to offer. By utilizing these secret commands, you will be able to explore the game like never before and challenge the alien invaders with an unprecedented advantage.

Discovering the Joy of Cheat Codes

It is important to remember that cheat codes are designed to enhance your gaming enjoyment. While using cheat codes can be exciting and fun, some players prefer a more authentic experience, where every victory is earned through skill and perseverance.

Regardless of your preference, cheat codes have been an integral part of the gaming industry for decades, adding an extra layer of excitement and exploration to well-loved games like Zero Tolerance. So, go ahead, enter those codes, and let the secrets unfold in front of your eyes.

Happy gaming, and may your journey through Zero Tolerance be filled with both challenge and triumph!